1:1 Coaching

There is no "ONE-FITS-ALL" solution to HEALTH

There is ONLY personalized health- Made for ONE AND ONLY YOU

Based on your interests, goals, preferences, personal history, routine and schedule

Created FOR YOU...By ME!

One-fits-all is an out dated way of thinking about health OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. 

The foundation elements of my program are the same for every single client I work with.

They are skills, tools and habits deeply rooted in positive psychology, mindset and the foundational pillars of health.

In addition, I provide personalized weekly nutrition menus (recipes & grocery lists included) and or course ALL of this is bio individualized to fit into YOUR lifestyle and meet YOUR goals!!




We will work together each day to establish your habits of health. Some of the tools we will utilize are meditation, nutrition, exercise, journaling, podcasts AND MORE! I will support you and we will foster a routine that provides structure and vitality to your life!

I offer additional services in my 1:1 program such as private meal preparation lessons, tips & tricks to meal prep like a PRO (and in a way that best fits YOUR life), 1:1 personal training sessions, group fitness classes and SO MUCH MORE!